How to improve Click Through Rate (CTR) for Google Ads?

For online advertising, the Click-Through Rate (CTR) is a pivotal metric for success of a campaign. It serves as a key indicator, reflecting the degree to which ads captures audience interest and drives engagement. However, various issues can result in a lower-than-desired CTR. Let us explore some of these issues and how to mitigate them.

Improve audience targeting

Advertising campaigns without a well-defined target audience will serve ads to a very wide demographic. CTR may be lower due to incompatibility between the audience and the product/ service.

Audience targetting can be improved by trying the following activities.

  • Check and adjust your target geolocation. Make sure your campaign is being shown in locations where your target audience is active or lives. Use geographic options such as specific location, surrounding radius, or by country/state to optimize display location.
  • Ensure that the language used in the ad reflects the primary language of the target audience. If you’re advertising in multilingual regions, consider creating many versions of your ad with translated content for each specific language.
  • Research and identify your target audience by various parameters – age groups, interests, etc. Add them to your campaign criteria.
  • Continuously test and adjust your targeting criteria to look for improvement opportunities.

Improve ad quality

Your ads are the first point of contact between your business and the potential customer. There is no substitute for a good ad.

Poor ad quality can be resolved by trying the following.

  • Improve ad copy in titles and descriptions attract the attention of potential customers. Pay attention to accuracy and describe the value of the product/service.
  • Make sure the images and graphics used are of high quality (good colors, good resolution, not blurry or pixelated) to create a positive impression and attract attention. Besides, the image needs to match the advertising message.

Use keywords related to your landing page and business

Advertising on keywords that are not related to the landing page or business can be a cause of low CTRs. This also results in bad Ad Quality Score. This score has has an impact on how much your business pays for an ads. Ads with bad CTRs have a higher bid threshold to become eligible to be shown to users.

Here are some of the ways to ensure that your keywords and landing pages are related.

  • Identify search terms that are not related to your business and add them as negative keywords.
  • For search advertising, the most performing ads will be the ads that serve the intent of the search term, at the time of search. Review keywords list to ensure it is relevant and reflects the needs of the target audience at the time of the search.

Showing ads too many times to the same users

Users viewing the same ads multiple times may experience fatigue and may become desentisized to the ad.

Viewer fatigue and desentization towards the ad can be prevented by doing the following:

  • Check and adjust the ad frequency cap settings in your campaign. This helps control how many times each user sees an ad in a specific period.
  • Using the day and time settings, determine the specific times of the day or week that you want your ad to show. This helps control and avoid displaying too many times per day.

Other ways to improve CTR?

The issues ideas listed above are some common ways to improve CTR, and therefore the effectiveness of your ad campaigns. What other issues have you found that caused bad CTR? Reach out to us at to debate ideas for improving CTRs.